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Company Profile

Natura manufactures organic, eco-friendly, and natural mattresses. They are based out of Cambridge, Ontario and also manufacture their products there.

The company was founded by Harry and Ralph Rossdeutscher with the end goal of providing better mattresses that would promote high quality, healthy sleep.

Types of Mattresses Available

Natura offers 4 different lines of mattress, both latex mattresses and conventional.

1) Purely organic latex mattress with Natura Organics
The Natura Organics line features built-in heating and cooling technology to keep your body temperature constant.

2) Conventional latex mattresses with NaturaLatex
These cotton, wool and latex combination mattresses offer pressure point relief.

3) Orthopedic mattress with NaturaPedic
Memory foam and organic cotton ticking allow this line to cradle your body in comfort.

4) Natural mattress with springs with Greenspring
Wool latex, plant-based foam, and coils are featured in this more attractively priced line.

Types of mattresses available
Natura manufactures mattresses for adults, children and babies.

Price Range
Natura’s prices for their mattresses range from $800 to $7,000 for their adult lines.

The organic latex mattresses are more expensive, while the natural mattresses are less expensive.

Pros of Natura mattresses
Natura has been in business since 1994, which is a good run in the natural latex mattress world. They are known for high quality mattresses and good service. Their organic products have certifications from solid third-party agencies.

Natura tries to provide a comfortable, luxurious experience with features such as extra wool or latex to make their mattresses more plush.

Cons of Natura mattresses
The marketing of some of their products as “natural” and some as “organic” can be confusing to people who don’t know the difference.

If you are looking for a 99.9% organic mattress, you have to choose the Natura Organics line which starts at $2640 for a queen-sized mattress.

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On the Natura Eco Brilliance model: “The extra wool adds extra comfort.”

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“Some of the Natura’s have a wool topper, which is a plus if you tend to over heat at night. The wool provides a cooling effect.”

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“I really like the concept and marketing of this company but note the majority of their mattresses contain Talalay latex. Many people have absolutely no sensitivity to Talalay latex but there are certainly some people who simply can’t tolerate its smell (I’m one of those people).”

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